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Spicy Glazed Nuts

March 25, 2012

NEW & IMPROVED! Back in the days when I shopped in supermarkets all the time, it seemed that I couldn’t roll my cart a couple of feet down an aisle without cereal boxes, cookies, detergents, plastic wrap, whatever all practically yelling this slogan. What was so new & improved about them anyway? Fancier packaging?

A go-to glazing team

But these spicy glazed nuts, bb readers, are a nosh notch above my previous post in December 2011 (Party Goods: Will Bark for Nuts). Those nuts are delicious, no doubt, but this batch uses no added fat for the glaze. Usually glazed nuts require some type of fat, in the form of melted butter or oil for the glaze to stick. But since posting that last recipe, I spoke with a caterer (Jason Stroh) at a party who shared with me his favorite way to glaze nuts was with egg whites (of course, if you’re a no-eggs-eater, try this particular blend with 2 T. of canola oil). The egg whites seem to help all the delicious seasonings stick to the nuts even better.

This murky mix results in a beautiful glazed nut for your noshing pleasure

And you know how when you buy a new car, suddenly you see that car everywhere? You guessed it. Suddenly I was spotting recipes that used the egg white glaze over and over. Eliminate the added fat and incorporate some great-quality protein? Not a bad trade at all.

Highly addictive



2 c. whole raw almonds
2 c. raw unsalted cashews
2 c. raw walnut halves
2 egg whites, slightly whisked
3 T. pure maple syrup
3 T. dark brown sugar
1/2 t. cinnamon
1/2 t. cumin
1/4  t. cayenne pepper
1-2 t. sea salt or kosher salt


Pre-heat oven to 350°. Roast the nuts for 8 minutes on a lined large sheet pan (use aluminum foil or parchment paper), stirring midway-through. Slightly beat egg whites, add all seasonings except salt and stir to combine (you can do this separately or in the bottom of the large bowl you’ll use for the nuts).  Slide warm nuts into a large mixing bowl and pour sweet/spicy mixture over it. Coat the sheet pan with  vegetable oil spray.

Spread the nuts in one layer (you may need 2 pans).Roast the nuts for  12-18 minutes, stirring twice with a large spatula, until nuts are glazed and golden brown. Sprinkle on about 1/2-1 t. of sea salt or kosher salt after 6 minutes – toss well. Do a second sprinkling of salt after 12 minutes – it really adds to the flavor. At this point,check if nuts are brown enough to your liking if if they need more time. Given, my oven, 18 minutes seems to do the trick (plus I like that number; it’s got a good vibe).

Cool, break up any clusters of nuts (this is where I have a hard time controlling sampling activity). The nuts keep in an airtight container in the refrigerator for about 2 weeks.

bb tip:

Choose a variety of nuts on hand or what you prefer. My favorites are almonds, walnuts, cashews and pecans. Other possibilities: pistachios, macadamias, peanuts.

Experiment with seasonings – taste to adjust sweetness, saltiness and heat. This is much more loose assembly than precise cooking!!

Pick your favorite nut mix

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