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Sweet Potato Pancakes

December 20, 2012

My last post gave you the lowdown on latkes – potato or otherwise. In the previous post I offered up some mini parsnip potato latkes plus a de-briefing on my season of potato pancake-making.  (All this can be applied to the making of Fritters too.) Kind of like a What I Learned Over My Summer Vacation except it was a What I Learned Over A Good Chunk of Time in My Kitchen Making Latkes. Yikes. If you’re intrigued, click here.

I really can’t give potato latkes their just do without calling attention to Sweet Potato Latkes or Pancakes. Okay, maybe this isn’t the best metaphor, because I never  cared for Barbie (and I do love potato pancakes) but a LOT of people love Barbie, so here goes. You see, I DID love Barbie’s younger cousin Skipper.

garnet yams with onion

And in my somewhat unique (alright, odd -no,make that quirky) mind, Potato Pancakes are to Barbie as Sweet Potato Pancakes are to Skipper. Barbie, well-known, traditional. And if you know Skipper, you understand. A little fresher, lighter, more happening.

Written in mathematician language:

Potato Pancakes:Barbie ≈ Sweet Potato Pancakes:Skipper

I enjoy creative mathematics.

I like to use garnet yams for their exceptionally bright and happy color.

shredded yams

I use the shredding disc of the food processor because I really want the flavor and texture to stand out.

I decided to grate the onions.

making the sweet potato batter

I used a very heaping tablespoon (or large spoon) because I was going for a regular-sized (3″) pancake. Be sure pan is hot before adding oil and oil is hot before adding pancake(s).

sweet potato pancakes in hot pan

All of my tips apply to these pancakes. You can experiment and grate in a small apple to the mix, maybe with a squeeze of lemon. Sweet potatoes and apples do go together beautifully. And that’s no metaphor. Or maybe it is.

crispy sweet potato pancakes



4 large yams
1 small Russet/ Idaho potato (or any potato used for baking)
4 eggs
1 small  (or  1/2 large) onion
1/2 t. baking powder
1/2 t. salt
1/4 c. flour
freshly ground black pepper
canola/grape seed/safflower oil for frying


Shred yams and potato on the shredding disc of a food processor. Grate onion on the large hole of a box grater. Transfer to a large bowl.

If there’s lots of excess liquid, drain it off. Add baking powder, salt, pepper and beaten eggs. Sprinkle flour over mixture. Stir well. If the batter seems very loose, add another tablespoon of flour.

Heat a large skillet. Add 2 tablespoons oil and heat until oil shimmers.

Place pancakes in pan using a heaping tablespoon. Lightly flatten each pancake with the back of the spoon. Fry pancakes about 5 minutes, until edges are crispy. Fry 5 minutes more.

Use multiple pans or wipe frying pan with a paper towel after each batch. Add a bit more oil and heat for each new batch. Be sure to stir batter before spooning out more pancakes.

Keep warm on foil-lined baking sheets in a 250° oven until serving. These sweet potato pancakes also freeze well (see previous post).

bb NOTE: To do a lower-fat version: Fry pancakes only 3 minutes per side on medium/high heat (don’t go anywhere!). Then place pancakes on a foil-lined baking sheet(s) in a single layer and bake in a pre-heated 450° oven for 10-15 minutes.

How many servings do they make? Tough call. It depends on the size of the pancakes and how many people eat. This makes about 30 pancakes. But don’t quote me – they were being snatched up before I could actually count them.

Skipper likes sweet potato pancakes

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  1. Fgstrauss permalink

    Judy: your food blogs are getting better and better! Great reading, and some day hope to get into your recipes hands-on 👍in the meantime, keep ’em coming 🌵 … Frank. PS … Aloha from Kauai (here with Dikla Danny and Noa, oh yes, and Merle too).

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