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Persimmon Treats

October 31, 2013

You know I don’t post rat-a-tat-tat style but this one is really an addendum to the previous persimmon post (say that ten times fast).

There are two main varieties of persimmons. Fuyus are apple-shaped and eaten when firm but not rock-hard.

Fuyu persimmons

Acorn-shaped Hachiya persimmons are eaten when they are very ripe and soft. Eat them too early and your tongue will meet up with a most unpleasant astringent-like effect. We don’t want that for you. Wait until they’re soft.

Here are a few ideas for eating Fuyu persimmons other than sliced and eaten out-of-hand or including them in all manner of salads (for Persimmon and Pear Salad, click here).

sliced persimmons

Marion Cunningham has a recipe in her Supper Book called Maple Persimmons. Very Simple. Here’s how it goes:

Maple Persimmons


1 persimmon
2 T. heavy cream
2 T. maple syrup


Peel persimmon and cut into bite-sized pieces. Place in dessert dish and pour maple syrup and cream over the top. Serve chilled. That’s it.

Marion says that this dessert is one to rave about.

Though I love the stuff on one level, I try to steer clear of keeping heavy cream in the house. You understand. So I decided to try subbing almond milk. Not quite. But I tried. I also thought 2 tablespoons each of cream and maple syrup was too too much,  so I used half the amount of each.

almond milk and maple syrup

I had two rather unwilling testers – hubby (aka Novio) and my mother. I reluctantly concur with them – it was a rather odd combo.

The Santa Monica Farmers’ Market Cookbook by Amelia Saltsman is a wonderful collection of seasonal recipes that’s filled with all kinds of great ideas.  It was there that I spotted a tip for a simple frozen persimmon treat. Cut the persimmon in quarters  or slices and place in a Ziploc to freeze. Remove from freezer a half-hour before enjoying. The tip was meant for Hachiyas or Tamopans, yielding a cold, custardy texture.

I tried it with Fuyus and really enjoyed the subtle flavor and creamsicle-like quality.

Persimmon Treats

I think I will give the maple persimmons another go, this time with the real deal but still use half the amount of cream and maple syrup. After all, Marion hasn’t steered me wrong yet.

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