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Camp Blogaway 2014

May 26, 2014

Forgive me, I’m going to kvell (Yiddish for expressing great pleasure, perhaps with a sprinkling of pride).  We came to Camp Blogaway for the seminars, the terrific speakers, the s’mores. But most of all, we came for the chance to meet and hang out with other food bloggers. People who talked about food with the same passion and zest. At least, that’s how it is for me. For Novio and I, we also like to eat with passion and zest. The weekend didn’t disappoint; we had a fabulous time.

Camp Blogaway Talk

Every year, Patti Londre, creator of Camp Blogaway, wraps up the weekend with her award, The Golden Pine Cone, presented to the camper who best exemplifies the spirit of Camp Blogaway. She began to describe this year’s winner, who captures not only the spirit and the enthusiasm but figures out all kinds of ways to show up and participate.

I’m standing there trying to figure out who this year’s award, now in the Camp’s fifth year, is going to. Could it be…..? No, doesn’t sound like it. Maybe….? Nope, doesn’t quite fit what Patti’s saying. And next thing we know, she’s getting all choked up and we hear our names being called. Yes, that’s right. Novio and I won this year’s award!

Wow! The Golden Pine Cone! That’s as good as The Oscar!

Golden Pine Cone Equals Oscar

And in some circles,  better!

Golden Pine Cone Greater than Oscar


We were shocked! There are a bunch of people who put  in volunteer time to make sure the weekend goes smoothly. Lots of heavy lifters. I don’t exactly engage in heavy lifting, not in the physical sense, anyway. But Patti recognized something in us, we do heavy lifting of another dimension.

JW2 and Patti Londre

Thanks, Patti. We love you and we love what you have created at Camp Blogaway.

For a brief de-briefing video, click here.


3 Years of WinnersHere we are with two of the previous years’ winners: Mimi of Mimi Avocado and Dorothy of Shockingly Delicious.

We missed you, absentee winners, Rachael of La Fuji Mama and Andrew of Eating Rules.We were thinking of you as we posed for the above shot!

Camp Blogaway 2014Camp Blogaway 2014

So fellow food bloggers out there, anyone up for a great weekend in the mountains near Los Angeles, see you next year!



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  1. Nina Litvak permalink

    Congratulations Judy and Joel! So proud of you guys. 🙂

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Rita Reuben permalink

    Yay,Yay,Yay for you two……Bloggers extraordinaire……Cngratulations

  3. Sorry I wasn’t there when you received your Oscar, I mean Pine Cone. I’ll bet your acceptance speech was appropriately humble, poignant, and wickedly witty!

  4. Cone-gratulations, Judy and Joel!

  5. Jean Katz permalink

    Judy & Joel, a big congratulations to you for this delightful and well-deserved honor. I’m a big fan of Bumbleberry breeze, and of Judy & Joel
    Love, Jean

  6. Fgstrauss permalink

    Certainly one of your best blogs, and the honor received is definitely highly appropriate … Frank

  7. Glenda Trapp permalink

    Way to go Judy and Joe wish I was there with you I love you keep up the good cooking I love it and so is my tommy lol

  8. Haas, Beverly J permalink


    Congratulations on the Golden Pine Cone Award! I also liked very much your video which I am forwarding to my family. Very important-you are truly an inspiration.


  9. Andra permalink

    Judy!!!! I’m so incredibly proud of you and Joel! You both deserve the recognition!
    Love, your niece Andra

  10. This is what I missed most about not being at Camp B this year, Judy! Wish I could have seen your faces in person! Well deserved! xx

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