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Persimmon Porridge

November 17, 2014

Ahhh, my Tuesday Night Hebrew class. I started taking it again a few years ago and now it’s a non-negotiable fixture on my calendar.

Case in point: Novio and I have been trying to figure out a date to take our nephew out to dinner for his birthday. This Thursday, next Thursday, this Sunday  – all no good. Nephew texted me back: What about Tuesday night? I’m free Tuesday. Sorry Daniel, Tuesday night is Hebrew  night. As I said, nonnegotiable.

This class has some wonderful advantages, not the least of which is our outstanding Hebrew teacher, Era. We discuss, we share, we laugh. Under Era’s gentle leadership, the conversation  covers Israeli culture, literature, history and music. We share stories, from travel to memories and anecdotes of family and  friends. And sometimes we open up our grammar books.

The class itself is an eclectic group – all coming together for our love of the language and the country. One of my classmates is a kind and generous soul whose mom’s backyard has persimmon trees that deliver in abundance every fall.  So each year about this time, Beverly brings bags and bags of persimmons to class, asking us who would like some. Sometimes pleading with us to help her share in the bounty. I don’t know how she lugs those heavy bags around.

Fuyu persimmons

Two weeks ago I couldn’t make class. A few days later, Novio and I return home and what do we find waiting for us on our doorstep? Yup.  A bag filled with persimmons. I knew immediately who the culprit was. I didn’t even have to read the lovely note attached.

Bag of Persimmons

This porridge is made with Fuyu persimmons. Novio keeps teasing me about the name. He wants to know why I’m speaking like that. “They’re called Fuyus,” I say. Please cut the tittering,okay? A Fuyu persimmon is firm and you generally eat it like an apple.  It has a subtle and delicious sweetness to it.

I’ve been thinking of different ways to enjoy them. Delicious out of hand, Yes. But throughout the day, all kinds of uses for persimmons come to mind.

Breakfast: diced into yogurt or in cereal, whether hot or cold.

Lunch/Dinner: in a refreshing salad with greens, avocado and scallion (green onion), as a salsa to top  fish or chicken, diced and baked with chicken, with quinoa, stewed with yams.

Dessert: roasted chunks or slices served with ice cream… or persimmon crisp.

I feel a Persimmon Mini Series coming on.

diced persimmons

All this pondering made me think about a wonderful steaming bowl of cereal in the morning.For the first batch, I used old-fashioned rolled oats.

rolled oats

I thought maybe a smoother texture would work. I did a quick turn with the oats in my mini-food processor to get a cream-of-wheat consistency. It was delicious but would be fine without that extra step too.

mini- processor for oatsmy friend, the mini-processor

For the next batch, I used Scottish oatmeal. This batch used a higher liquid to oats ratio. Be sure to read the cooking directions for the correct oats:liquid ratio. The ratio can be 1:1.5, 1:2 or as much as 1:3 or 1:4 (for steel-cut).

Scottish oatsvery satisfying

I tried making this batch with an unpeeled persimmon cut into a large dice but I found that when I peeled them….. I know the nutrients are mostly under the skin but here’s the deal,  when I peeled them, they became very tender and flavorful in the brief time I cooked them in the porridge liquid. The cooking liquid I used was half unsweetened almond milk and half water.

grinding the oatmeal

Then I simply added the oatmeal (or try whatever hot cereal you like). I included a  very small amount of brown sugar, a pinch of salt and a bit of vanilla.

brown sugar and vanilla

That’s it. Fantastic! Quick and a great way to start the day.

Experiment using different hot cereals.

This post is dedicated to Beverly, her mom… and the wonderful persimmon trees.

pleasing persimmons in porridge

Persimmon Porridge


1 c. oatmeal  (AKA rolled oats)
cooking liquid for oatmeal- I use half unsweetened almond milk and half water
(I needed 3 c. liquid for the type of oatmeal I was using)
2 persimmons, peeled and diced
2 t. light brown sugar
1/2 t. vanilla
1/4 t. salt


Use the ratio of cooking liquid to oatmeal for 4 servings according to package directions. Pay attention to the oatmeal-cooking liquid ratio as it varies according to the type of oatmeal and brand you use).

In a medium saucepan, bring cooking liquid and salt up to a gentle simmer. Add the diced persimmon to the cooking liquid (to soften it a bit). Return to a very gentle simmer. Bring heat down to low (otherwise you’ll spend unnecessary time wiping the stove top) and add oatmeal and brown sugar. Stir and cook gently (you want to see gentle bubbling on the surface) for the number of minutes indicated on the oatmeal package. Remove from heat and add the vanilla. Cover and let rest for a minute or two.

Makes 4 servings. Add a bit more almond milk to the oatmeal before serving… Enjoy!

Persimmon Porridge


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  1. Haas, Beverly J permalink

    Hi Judy,

    That is so sweet of you! The post has already been forwarded internationally. My mom and everyone will enjoy reading it.



    • Happy to do it- I meant every word… plus the mini-series…. more persimmon posts coming your way! Thanks so much for sharing the persimmon love! J

  2. YUM! I love persimmons and porridge. Sounds like a winner recipe to me.

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